Construction Services
Architectural Service

If you want to design your own home and have acquired suitable land, we can help with a full architectural design service.
Taking full account of your ideas and combining this with our knowledge of local geography, styles, building regulations and materials, we work closely with professional architects to produce your dream home.   We can organise site surveys and look at the provision of utilities, and take care of every aspect of the design process.    

  • Full Design Service
  • Building Regulations and Standards
  • Plans and Visualisations
  • Surveys


Once you have the land and plans for your home, we can help with the planning of the project.

We work by first looking at the plans and budget and working out suitable timeframes and deadlines, taking into account any local regulations, weather and the availability of materials and labour.   Working with both local authorities, contractors and suppliers, we obtain any necessary permits and sort out the necessary contracts,   And we also work closely with everyone to ensure the project is carefully managed to ensure it is completed on time and within budget.

  • Consultation and Surveys
  • Timescales and Deadlines
  • Contracts and Registrations
  • Procurement and Budgeting

Building Services

Building your home is something that requires not only the employment of professional workmen and contractors but also careful project management and supervision.  
Using our local knowledge of the best builders and suppliers, we can ensure the work is carried out to the required standard.   We also ensure that it happens on time and that the right materials and people are where they should be, when they should be so that the building proceeds smoothly and efficiently with the minimum of delays.

  • Project Management
  • Surveys and Quality Management
  • Contractor and Supplier Liaison
  • Professional Contractors

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